About me

Dear Readers,

The main purpose to create this blog is not to defame any particular religion or its followers but to reveal the truth and some hidden facts about this man made religion, i hope all of you will enjoy reading the truth and will not use any abusive language in your comments.

Thanks for your love & hate

76 thoughts on “About me

  1. Mr.Jazak ,please don’t try to spread hatered speech towards other religion with this you are not going to achive any thing in life may be your Alla also not forgive you.stop this & do some productive work for the society & make name in the history,not like this belive me no one wish to know about you except some cruel minded ,hatered people like you.Alla never told to hate others,so same in all other religion.I don’t know what you achive inthis by doing all these.If you are really a true Muslim & do such things its shame ,may be Alla will give you next birth in family who follow Hindu religion.May be you hate some Hindus it doen’s mean u hate all ,please stop this do some good work to society,the one you are doing is nothing but a negetive approach towards life & you earn nothing but a fustration inside you & it will kill or harm you thats all.Wake up & grow up.

    • dear Friends “AWARE” of this following below principles:
      1.It’s a Sinful world come out of this, Sinful world as early as possible, and “live in a spirit world”
      2. we are all slaves of this world, and God is our master
      3.all religious scriptures, composed of some myth and facts, imbibe the real facts in it…
      4 have you ever seen a GOD with your naked eye..it’s impossible in this Sinful world but even some are
      claiming i have seen GOD, i have seen GOD, these all are rumors created for commercial purpose
      aware of it.
      5. All what we have seen “The religions existing in this Sinful world are encouraged by Messengers of
      God” but not “God itself”.
      6.God is an “universal master” and we are universal slaves of that God aware of it.
      7. for eg:
      christianity Messenger of God is Lord Jesus. but not God
      islam Messenger of God is muhammad prophet but not God
      sikhism messenger of God is all sufi gurus but not God
      budhism messenger of God is gautham budha but not God
      Jainism Messenger of God is 1st thirthankara vrishabanada out of 24, but not God
      hinduism messenger of God are vast members but not God itself, bcoz it’s an oldest religion still
      existing till the time of Indus Valley civilization reign, even before than maya
      -civilization and judaism there shiva lingam used to worship much before than this..
      8. So my dear friends dont abuse, “THE MESSENGERS OF GOD ” they have come to this Sinful world
      to Eradicate the, “SIN” that means “lust and ego” and to create awareness, among people so that
      the “soul will leave to the spirit world” and there happily for “ETERNALLY” ….

    • yes i m agree with u and his way of describing is not good but this is real and should be exposed for all , even hindus don’t knw their own religion but in actual this is that u r reading here. hindus are hypocrite minded , they actually don’t knw wht are they doing but they do, as their custom and tradition, caste partiality too much in hindus, its really a foolish to worship a statue, if it would be right then i will worship mountain everest.

  2. I agree with SHAILENDRA
    If you want to spread the truth
    Give some authentic and non-abusive references
    So that this will not hurt anybodys sentiments

  3. @vishnu n shailendra. Read them first fully n understand. God cannot be like human eating, drinking, intercourse etc. Its a filthy thing fa a god to b like dis. Yu explore n enter into one and only god, who is without any images

  4. your religion will never forgive you nor ur allah, appart from talking fake things abt other religion think of some humanity, but no i think you are a form of a devil, which also exists from ages, you are a son of animal or devil dont knw, your cant be blessed here on this planet, keep this on ur thought…

  5. hinduism has provided the so much to the society ,to the world and to the people, love,knowledge beyond limitations and thousands of things and and if u think that it is just fake i think problem is with ur ego of being a muslim , no religion is bad or fake its the people which define the religion i agree that many of hindus dont even know their religion truly but that doesnt mean that its fake and use it as medium to earn money and fame

    my advice to u is that research more on hinduism, u dont even know a bit of it it will blow ur mind off and its my blessings to u that u get to know what hinduism is and become one too…..

    may allah bless u ….. and ur egoo…..

  6. teri shakal to acchi nahi hai batay to acchi kar.
    no one needs a certificate from people like u, u know what kind of ass u r.

  7. I agree with SHAILENDRA. One more thing, Islam never allow this kind of work. So Mr.Jazak, Please first know ISLAM properly then make comment about other religions.

  8. ASAK Brothers & Sisters you incestous bastards and bitches. Learn to wipe you own bottom first. you have your own problem with Islam being hated even by Buddhists.

  9. Asalam …

    I am a muslim and what you are doing is absolutely ridiculous and against Islam. Instead you can spread Islam and avoid abusing other religions and hurting sentiments of people. Be that muslims or non-muslims. We are humans first.


    Peace! 🙂

  10. Atleast Hindus are not killing people in the name of their religion. Islam extremists are the ones who are doing this in the name of Jihaad. Get your facts right you sick moron. I am agnostic and neutral to all religions. If you so like your religion, you can suck on your allah’s dick and keep your mouth full. But stop talking about shit you do not know or do not understand.

  11. Dude you are gone mad i think, please if you are a muslim write about your religion not others because you are spreading bullshit and you know what is Shri Ram to us. First convert to hindu and then you will get to know what is Shri Ram.

  12. Bhosdike Teri maa kaa chut Kate lund Tum to apni baheno ko chod dete ho saalo aur hindu ke baare me galat likh rahe ho ………

    • Bhai aapko pata hai ke medical science bhi man chuki hai ke lund ka kata hona swasth ke liye atyant aawashyak hai, to phir lund katwane mai koi bat nahi hai, even its good for your man power, this is the reason muslim guys are favorite and in demand by our hindu sisters and mothers

  13. Mr. Agnostic

    There are Black Sheeps in every Community and In HINDUISM Also.
    And you know Nothing About JIHAAD so Shut the hell up.

    and Let me tell you there are more Teachings of war and Fighting in Hinduism than ISLAM.

    Mahabharata is FULLY loaded with war and all the stuff you are talking about.
    why you don’t take the black sheeps of your community
    like the One Bloody Group calling the “SHIV Sena”, When Does Veda Said kill Innocent People, and why you dnt take the other extremist groups of your Religion who particularly kill Innocent Muslims.

    Don’t blame ISLAM When u don’t know even a single thing about it & dont have have a single proof.


  14. My Muslim brother, what you are doing is giving Muslims a bad name. Even Prophet Mohamed protected all the minorities in S.A., under Muslim rule. He never ridiculed any other religion. And if you look at the world today, Muslims are killing Muslims than anyone else in the world. So please stop your hate campaign against all those you outlined in your message. One of the ayats in Quran says “Oh Mankind, you are brought in this world to do good for the whole humanity”. How is you spread hatred towards others, is doing any good for anybody ? Please think and reflect. May God bless you and gives you peace.

  15. dude if islam can maintain d level of wealth btwn ppl . . dn i wonder hw sheikhs r movin arnd in ferrari . . u c religions were made according to d places ppl were livin in . . fo e.g. katna d sunnat by salalahu ale asalam(pbuh) <- i doubt ds 1 . . . islam came up in arabia der ws shortage of wate whereas ppl in india . .n by india i mean iran, iraq, afghanistan n so on . . dey dint need it except sm region of dm coz dz areas were full of water resources. . n nw for ur adam ale aslam . .y did he make d bridge even he cud have swim across . . whn ppl in 21st century cud do it . . y not hm .. predicted in mecca dt his height was 30 ft . . cmon dude. . best is to serve humanity. . .laugh, cry n most of all love. don write thngs u hvnt seen.

  16. Sachai ko sunkar julab lag gaya hoga aap logo ko jo subhe sham hindu hindu gate hai, abey dil mai nafrat aur hinsa ko apna dharm manne walo tum log sirf chutyapa pail sakte ho iske alwa kuch nahi kar sakte, hindusim yeh hinduism woh jooth chal kapat aur gandagi se bhara ek aisa kalank hai jisne tum sirf chupa sakte ho, koi ek namoona to do hinduism ka jisse kabhi kisi ka bhala hua ho, talwar trishul shastre sur kuch hai tumhare dharm mai, jis bhagwan ko dekho woh ya to kutto ki tareh lad raha hai ya sirf hinsa ko darshata hai, ek bhagwan ka nam batao jo ahisna ke raste par ho kali se leker durga aur vishnu se lekar shankar sab kalpanik kahaniyo se bane bhagwan hai, ab mere javab padne ke bad jhanto mai to aag lagegi tum logo ke magar mai likhta rahunga aise hi sur tumhare haramkhor bhagwano ki pol kholta rahunga.

    • chill maar bande . . pol kholne se pehle apne irade theek kar. . ayurved unhi logon ne likha . . bakhtiyar khalji ne nalanda jalayi . . mahinon tak jali . . vo books aaj hoti to shayad tere maan baap k kaam bhi ati aur mere walon k liye bhi aur na jane kitne logon ke jo aaj chemical tablets par ek bimari se dusri par chale jaate hain . . i don knw if religion will take u to god o not. . bt it will surely take u away frm urself. . i mean ek baar apne aap se puchna tera yahan pe galiyan dena sahi hai . . swami vivekanad hindu the, sai hindu the. . der ws a poet rumi as d modern world knws . . he promised d existence of a state beyond ryt n wrng. . peace bro . .luk out fo humanity. . he is god not sm asshole who will ask u a stupid question wdr u were a muslim a christian a hindu o wtsoevr . . he is gonna hold u fo ur deeds. . n by d way d way u r going u r too far frm truth . . n u knw wt truth is . . PEACE

    • abe madarchod !! tu sale jab anpe hi dharn Islaam ko nahi samajh paya hai to tu kya jane hindu dharm kya hai . tujh jaise kafiro ne hi muhslim ko badnaam kr diya hai. ja pehle islaam pad thik se tab hinduism ki pol kholna. sale agar tune islaam hi pada hota to aaj ye harmkhori nahi krta yaha pe. mardchood pehle muslmaan ban phir baat krna, gawar madarchod !! kyo apna time wast kr raha hai ye bakwas likh kr ………. aur sun bhosadi k ! mai hindu u sab kuchh padaha sab kuchh janta hu kya hota hai hindu dhram . hindu hu isilye bible pad chuka hu aur aaj kal kuraan pad raha hu .aur sun madrchod bachpan se hi muslamaano ki beech pala-badha hu lekin tu jaisa kafir aaj tak ni mila madarchod . dub mr madarchod. aur sun ko jawab dene i irade se mat padna ..samjhane k liye padhna tabhi samjhe ga ki mai kya kehna chata hu . aur sun jab kabhi mere dost imran ata hai to mai us k sath namaz bhi padne jata hu janta hai kyo mai puri tarah se samjhna chata hu islaam ko aur sabhi dharmo k bare me janan aur in se related book padhna aur un k bare me pata krna pasand hai. sarm kr sale muslim ho k bhi tu islaam nahi samjha to hinduism ko kya samjhe ga …..

    • Hum hinduo ne teri maan ko chod ke paida kiya hain. Isliye tu harami hua. Tu apni gandagi likhta rah. Usse Hinduism ka koi hani nahi ho sakta.

    • Guru Nanak wouldn’t have said this, nor would the nine other prophets of your religion that wouldn’t exist without Hindu scriptures. Why else do police monitor your activities as well?

  17. Wo bhagwan rab khuda ek hi h uski marji se hi hindu bane muslim bane sikh bane etc., jb sb kuch uski margi se ho rha h to hme kya pta kya sach h ya juth, mene 18 puran, bible, quran, guru granth sahib sb pde h.. Sbki kahani ek h bas andaj alg alg.., khuda ki bnayi hui chiz ki mai to burai nhi kr sakta.., tumhe jitni krni h kro

  18. Jo bhi mahatma yeh posts likh rahein hain unko mera pranaam aur salute.
    Krishna ka maine post padha , apney sahi sources use kiye hain magar bahut hi ghighoney tareekey se dekha hai.
    Aapko pata hai krisnna ne 160100 aurton se shaadi kyun ki ? Unko samaaj mein respect dilaane ke liye .
    Woh 108 gopiyan , krishna ko pyar karti thi , krishna unka apaharan karke nahin le jaate the. Aur vrindavan mein krishna 14 saal ki umar tak hi rahe the. Aur apney jo kahaa ki krishna ne unsey sambandh rakha tha , woh galat tha. Aap uska mujhey proof dikhaiye.

    Christanity aur Islam mein aurton ke haq ki baat kabhi dekha hai aapney ? Sir dhaka rakhney ka matlab kya hai ? Unko sajne savarne ka bhi hak nahin diya. Mardon ke bich baat na karna, jo mard kahe , vahi unki bible aur quran ban jati hai.
    Magar agar aapney shiv puran , ramayan aur mahabharat padhi hai , toh aapko samajh aa jata ki hinduism aur christianity , Islam mein farak kya hai.
    _/\_ allah/jesus/bhagwaan aapko sadbuddhi de..

    • you are right sristi…this is Kal-yug ha na bahut kuch chalega devil kal-yug means Age of DownFall (means kal-yug mai sab kuch karna chahiye or Lord kalki aane par devil ko marr dega this is reason …. brahma created us kali-yug and vishnu created Lord kalki

  19. Hinduism man made nahin hai.
    Aap mujhey ramayan,mahabharat se saboot dikhyen. Agar kahin par bhi “hindu ” shabd dikhaye de , toh main apni haar man lungi..

  20. I won’t comment on your religion coz you are not worth belonging to any especially ISLAM.I know many muslims who have lot of respect for others and get respect for their religion from fellow humans.
    I wanted to start this comment by addressing you as “Dear Author” but you are not worth hate,love or respect you are just a subject of pity and a serious danger to humanity.India/World is now thinking of next gen and bastards like you are still stuck with cast and religion.
    BTW nobody cares about your certificate to hinduism but still I wana ask you if you have heard about Ramayan and the Shri Ram setu it was written hundreds of year ago “Woh kya tere baap ne banaya tha “.

  21. You people atleast have some courtesy ! you should do is respect each other’s religion and each others views not fighting all over the net disrespecting gods ! get a life . never support such blogs the blogger is just a nasty minded fellow wasting his time hiding behind the internet’s curtain. polluting the readers brains out !! die b**ch

  22. प्रिय पाठको!
    सबसे पहले तो में आप लोगो से शमा चाहूँगा की में समय पर आप लोगो द्वारा उठाए गये प्रश्नो का उत्तर नई दे पाता हू उसकी वजेह बोहुत ही साधारण है आजकल के व्यस्त दौर में हर समय इंटरनेट पर बेटकर कुछ लिखना वो भी बोहुत गहन अध्यन के बाद मुश्किल होता है! मगर मेरा प्रयास सदेव यही रहता है के जो कुछ भी में अपने ब्लॉग पर लिखू वो सत्य के विपरीत ना हो, इसीलिए मुझे कुछ नया पोस्ट करने में थोड़ा समय आवश्‍य लगता है मगर मेरी हर पोस्ट जो होती है वोह सिर्फ सत्य पर आधारित होती है में जनता हू और देखता भी हू के हज़ारो गंदी गालियों से भरे उत्तेजित कॉमेंट्स मेरे पास हज़ारो की सख्या में आते है मगर उनको पोस्ट करना अपने ब्लॉग पर में सही ऩही समझता हू बाद में यही सोचता हू के गीता, उपनिषद् और मनुस्मृति पड़ने वालो से अपेक्षा भी क्या की जा सकती है, कहने का तात्परये यह है के सच्चाई को पड़कर या सुनकर क्रोध का आना किसी चोर या खूनी के लिए स्वाभाविक है! इसीलिए में कभी उन कॉमेंट्स को गंभीरता से नही लेता हू, आगे लिखने का मन तो बोहुत करता है मगर समय आग्या नही देता, इसीलिए शमा चाहूंगा. आपका क्रांतिकारी भाई – जय मानवता

    • hahaha……….suvar ki aulad sale, kutta banakar teri gand mai hathi ka loda dal donga bahanchod suvar ke bache teri maa ka bhosda bahan ke lode

    • Oye,
      tu apni aukad dikha rha h…
      Tu ek no. ka ***** he… dusri bt, tuj m to itni b dam ni k apna scha nam le.. sale tu to post b hindu ka nam p kr rha h… yani tu hindu ko apne mahajab s jada manta h…
      Tere dharam k aukat ni h hindu s trkane k yhi bt hui..

    • it is the problem.. the people like u read some vedas, granth and e.t.c. but dont have mind status to understand those facts and things… and producing ur thoughts at internet…. it is a very narrow activity… one story only for uuuu… read it .. and i can only hope u will understand….

      bahut samay pahle ek raja tha…. uski praja use khush rehti thi… raja bhi dharmik tha aur gyata bhi…
      kuch samay baad raja ka raajpurohit mar gaya…. aur ye baat sare rajya main phail gayi.. ki rajpurohit ki jagah khali hai….
      2 din baad ek gyani pandit raja ke pass gaya aur bola …..
      ” rajan maine sare veda, upnishad, aur ghanth pad chuka hoon… main is pad ke liye yogya hoon… mujhe ye pad digiye….”””
      raja ne kaha… pandit ji aapse nivedan hai ki ek baar aur saare veda, unnishad aur granth pad ligiye… phir aaieeyee…
      1 mahine baad pandit phir aaya aur usne phir wahi kaha….
      raja ne use phir se padke aane ke liye kaha..

      aisa kai baar hua… pandit raja ke pass aata aur raja use wapas bhej deta…

      13 bar baad pandit krodhit ho gaya aur bola aapko yakin nahi to mujhse kuch bhi pooch lo… mujhe sab yaad hai… raja ne kaha… pandit ji .. ek aakhiri baar aap phir se saare veda aur upnishad pad ke aaieeyee main aapko pakka rakh loonga….

      pandit chala gaya … aur 5 mahine beetne par bhi nahi aaya… kaafi samay ho gaya…

      abki baar raja pandit ke pass gaya… dekha to pandit veda pad raha tha….
      raja ne kaha..
      ” Pandit ji aap rajpurohit pad ke liye yogya hai… chaliye aur rajmahal chal ke pad ki shobha bhadaiye…”

      Pandit ne muskurakar uttar diya….

      “””””””” Pad main kya rakkha hai …. rajan……………”””””””””

      ””” hope u understand dear……””””

  23. Mr/Mrs Sum just as you said insufficient knowledge is dangerous
    how could you accuse muslims of worshiping lingam.
    There is no Idol worship in iSlam so get some rest.
    That Blackstone is just a stone upon which muslims used to give Azan in past.
    Don’t try to spread myths.

    You need some rest.
    better get it soon 😛

  24. Jisako KURAN me IMAAN na mila
    Jisako GITA me GYAN na mila
    Jisako GURUGRANTH me satnam na mila
    Usako kya asmaan me KHUDA milega
    Jisako INSAN me INSAN na mila

  25. Bhai mai aapka bohut bada fan hu, har roz aapka block bina kisi vilamb ke check karta hu facebook se pehle aapka blog kholta hu, aapne jo hinduo ki pol kholi hai use padkar man ati prasn hua aur aanad bhi aaya

  26. Suar ke bache tu apne aap ko bahut intelligent gyani samajh ta hai na to aisa kar ek baar agni AGNI VEER ki site dekh le tujhe sab sawalo question ke jabab mil jayenge. or pata chal jaye ga teri maa ko kisne choda thaa kutte. ka bacha sala

  27. My apne sabhi dharmo ke Bhai vehno ko kehana chaunga ki ik baar vo sabhi AGNI VEER ki site ko dekhe or is jasse Kutto ki baato may gumrah na ho or apne sache bharm Vedic dharm ko pehchane or is jasse. Kutte suar saitani various ke muh par tamacha mare dhnyabad jay hind. Jay Bharat. Arya Shing

  28. madarchod kutte harami, teri maa ne kis kis ka land liya hai isk baare mien likh madarchod, tujhe to sabak sikha ke hi rahunga bahanchod, apni maa ki choot mien ja ke ghus or wahan baith ke apni bahan ki chudai ke baarien mien likh – tiltle dena “” meri maa or bahan ki chudai ka sach “””

  29. these things written by u are a product of sick mentality. u are not a christian, not a muslim, not a hindu, not a sikh. you are just son of a bitch and mentally retarded person who doesnt have brain or any ethics or morals. is this the way to ask any question. ab hindi me sun madharchod apne baap se puch ki tu usi ka beta hai ya padosi ka. he doesnt know. he believes bcoz your mom told. ab tu bata tujhe kaise pata ki usi ka beta hai . harami ki aulaad nahi. do u have any proof. bura laga na sasur ke nati. ab sun tujhse zyada educated log hain iss duniya me. to tameez se aukaat me rehkar puch kisi bhi insaan se wo tere saare sawalo ke jawab de dega. aur agar tu iss tarike se derogatory terms use karega to har insaan teri gand par laat hi marega. aur tujhe sachai janni hai to internet par pad na madharchod. apna dimag laga. ab tere dimag me gobar bhara ho to usey mat laga. :-p ab ek baat aur sun maa ke lode. na to koi hindu tha pehle na muslim ye sab chonchle rajao ne apne fayde ke liye banaye hain jinka politicians bharpoor upyog karke apna ullu sidha karte hain, tujh jaise kuch chutiya logo ki wajah se maa ke lund. galti teri nahi hai. u dont have any education. u dont have intellect to read vedas and all so do one thing read it online. about ramayana. read as much as u can. then u will understand what a fool u are. and why people are abusing u like this. no harsh feelings. sawal pucho yar par aukaat me rehke, apne baap se bhi isi tarah baat karte ho kya. khala jaan se bhi? tujhe kuch baat smajh ni ayi to puch na jisko pata ho iss bare me. padh. par apna khali bhuse se bharadimag mat laga. haan jab tu padh le ache se aur tjhe thoda gyan mile tab puchna to har koi answer dega.

  30. hello mr. x
    i just want to know your Name and Mobile number
    i want talk with in deeply about your articals .
    i like your blog and your knowledge about hindusium.


  31. Guyz,
    Quran very clearly instructs not to say or act in a way derogatory to other religions.
    So if the author has fully read and understood he wouldn’t be writing this.
    Basically, cannot be follower of islam but nevertheless claiming to be so.
    To muslims:
    We are judged by our actions and are accountable for the same.
    Whatever dishonorable language the other person uses we are not supposed to replicate the same.
    Mind you the status of mother that prophet said. It was never Muslim’s or non muslim’s mother.
    Our actions are defined by our character.
    We claim Islam is the best. So let us prove it is the best.
    Please do not give in to provocation.
    What ever written in vedas or puranas. It is not our business.
    Knowledge is every muslim’s property. So just pick and distribute whatever/wherever you can.
    Do not give religious angle.
    Mind you before Islam arab was nothing.
    There were so many mighty Empires: persians, byzantines, Rome.Palaces, Buildings, Monuments, Roads, Infrastructure….all but none in Arabia.
    Still arabs were proud…For what???
    No bothered them for 1000s of years …And why should they???
    What did it have?
    Who would rot in hot sun?
    What is good to eat?
    Die out of thirst.
    Only Kaaba was focal point. The Makkan tribes used it for idols ….and made what ever money.

    Enter Islam…things changed…for good.
    First thing the successful Caliphs did was to fill the vaccum of knowledge…
    Reason why so many texts in latin, hebrew were available in Arabic and subsequently in english.
    Salahuddin’s army safely escorted christians from Jerusalem protecting them from christian kings/looters.

    So…What you see is what you get…

    Please think about yourself and your day of accountability and death.
    Death is ultimate truth. No escape.
    If you are muslim then you believe there is life after death for which you are accountable.
    Do you really want to loose control and indulge in activities that would do more harm than good.

    We muslims, with clear instructions need to be a paragon of society.

    Chugli karna kithna bada gunah hai maloom hai na bhai…

  32. And yes, in the blog History of Shivalinga you have written that Lingam means ‘penis’ in Sanskrit. Are you darfet ? It means SYMBOL Mr. GenieAss. Get your information straight before even trying to delve into serious subjects like Hinduism. Why are you doing this ? For some kind of cheap thrill or cheap popularity ? I am disappointed.

  33. Your purpose may be to reveal the truth: but your presentation does not reflect it but betrays sort of vengegul thought. Historical or rather then prevailing social customs not discussed.

  34. Wanted to know if you are still writing.
    If yes, please find some time to mail me the your new website or anything where I can follow you up.

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