Vishnu : The maximum number of Incarnations are assigned to his name. There is little life story of Vishnu himself. In later Ved he is Deputy Inder i.e. Upender. In Purans, he is engaged mostly in tussle with Shiv to prove his superiority over him.

In his life, two misdeeds are so sinful that none could even imagine in his dreams that a God can do so! Thru these two sins, Vishnu ‘gifted’ the goons of the world a never-fail weapon. Vishnu was the first man in the world who used ‘woman’ to achieve his target. The goons of the world shall always be indebted to Vishnu for this. Given below are his two mahapaps i.e. colossus sin:

  1. The Hindu scriptures declare that Sur and Asurs were born to same mother. Sur were wine drinkers, gamblers and cheat but winners, hence they were called Gods. Asur were tetotallers, alms-givers and simple people but they lost to the Gods, hence they were called demons.
    Once there was rift among these two brothers and their children on the point of distributioon of ‘property’. It was agreed and decided that they would churn the Ocean and take out all the valuables out of it. (Just see the level of knowledge of the Puran-writer. He thought as butter floats out on shaking the curd so would happen on churning the sea-water.)
    It was also agreed that the valuables coming out of sea would be owned by them in turn i.e. first article would go to Gods, second to Asurs, third to Gods, fourth to Asurs and so on.
    Amrit i.e. Nectar came out in the turn of Asurs. Morality demanded this should go to the Asurs. But, what is use of Gods if they do not deceive. Vishnu hatched a sinful deceit. He adorned himself as ‘most beautiful prostitute’ and appeared at the site. For a moment, all were mesmerised by her beauty. Before Asurs could regain their senses, Vishnu lifted their pitcher of netcar and fled away. Thus, the Brahmanic God taught his people that woman could be used to deprive others of their lawful belongings.
    This eternal tradition has been constantly used by Brahmans to achieve victory over the opponents. Inder has applied this formula millions of times to save his throne from his opponents. Even Brahmanic Goddesses of Power did not hesitate to show their beautiful limbs to trap their prey. Even Brahmanic people unsuccessfully tried this weapon against Baba Sahib Ambedkar. 
  2. In the first attempt, Vishnu himself became a ‘female’ but in his second attempt he did what a normal man can NEVER imagine of doing. NO SECOND EXAMPLE IS AVAILABLE IN ANY OTHER RELIGION IN THE WORLD.
    King Jallandhar was ruler of Indian territory. He was true replica of Emperor Ashoka. Puran testifies that in his kingdom there was peace everywhere. It 

says that a damsel wearing load of gold ornaments and moving out in the dead of night had no threat to her chastity, life or ornaments.

The Gods got jealous of him. They thought that if that trend continued, people would forget them. They approached Vishnu. He inquired into the matter and found that Ma Vrinda was the power behind King Jallandhar.

With his criminal mind, he chalked out a conspiracy. The Gods were happy to know his evil designs. Gods engaged King Jallandhar in a battle outside his capital. Vishnu dressed like King Jallandhar and in the darkness entered the house of Ma Vrinda. She mistook him as her husband. And before she could raise any resistence, he committed rape on her.

He was caught and his face was blackened but in the meantime, Ma Vrinda committed suicide. Since then in Indian peninsula, it has become a custom that a face of the sinner is balckened. King Jallandhar was down with the grief of suicide by his beloved wife, when Gods attacked and kiled him. A state of Utopia was ruined by the Hindu Gods!

Thru this criminal sin, the Supreme God of Brahmans gave a message to his people as to how to ‘use’ a woman to conquer one’s opponent. He told his people that use of woman either as Mohini or as Ma Vrinda never goes waste. THUS, THE VISHNU COULD BE CALLED ‘ADI-GUNDA’ THAT IS ‘SEED CRIMINAL’.

Perhaps a mafia don too would be hesitant in taking suh heinous step. But in Brahmanism such a criminal is their supreme god.

It is anybody’s guess, what would he do after taking incarnation as Ram and Krishan. It is natural that incarnations of such a criminal would cut nose and ears of women proposing for marriage or elope with married women of relatives.

Fortunately, the residue of the teachings of our Saints : Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Kabir, Ravidas, Nanak etc, still exists in our conscience which forbid us from adopting misdeeds of Vishnu like “Gods”. Only a few criminals follow him.

Just a short time back, there occurred a ‘Tehlaka Scandal’ in which one courageous journalist exposed politicians, Ministers and high ranking officers who take bribe in the purchase of weapons for Defence forces. Later on, the journalist was accused of taking services of ‘unwanted’ girls to expose all these corrupt people. Almost every news paper admonished the journalist for taking services of such girls but these papers themselves publish stories of the Vishnu who used woman for personal gains.

4 thoughts on “Vishnu

  1. We have seen that Hindu gods are jealous of each other and are usually seen engaged in mutual recriminations and revenge. For example Vishnu turned himself into Narsingh and saved Prahlad
    from the atrocities of his father. This did not please Shiva because Prahlad‘s father Hirnakashyap was Shiva‘s follower. Shiva turned himself into a bird called‗Sharabh‘ and tore up Vishnu with his nails. Thus we see that Hindu gods were pugnacious and jealous and their stories have little, if any, merit in instructing humanity Hindu gods were subject to the same physical passions, infirmities, frailties and vices to which human beings were subject. This is why these gods often indulged in the vices in which many human beings revelled. They cursed each other and even fought among themselves. Narda (born from Brahma‘s forehead) and Indra have
    always been out to create misunderstandings and problems. Snitching and backbiting are permanently associated with these two Brahma cursed his son Narda to be always engaged in sex. Narda cursed his father by saying that the latter will have sex with his own daughter. gods.

    Indra, the leader of the gods, even raped Rishi ( Sant) Gautama‘s wife Ahalya. Brahma fell in love with Shiva‘s wife Sati. Bhagvad Puran tells us that Brahma was a thief. He stole Krishna‘s cows. Most Hindu gods are fond of music and dance. Dev Dasis (young girls) dance to please the gods and the 6333 Gandharvas (and their wives Gandharvis) please the gods with music and songs. Hindu gods have servants too. For example Sri Krishna ‘s servant was Gian who for some reason annoyed Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna wanted to behead his servant but Gian ran away and took shelter with Arjun. Sri Krishna had a fierce and gruesome fight with his own brother-in-law Arjun and only Brahma could stop them from fighting. The gods are not brave. Once they were tormented by the demons. Instead of facing the demons manly, they ran away and approached goddess Durga and beseeched her to save their lives. Such behaviour does not become the spiritual leaders. Like us human beings the gods are also fond of pets. For example Inder, the leader of the gods ( Devtesh) has a bitch called Sarma. For riding, Brahma and his wife Saraswati use a Swan, Vishnu uses Garud (a bird), Shiv uses a bull, Ganesh uses a rat, Kam Devta (sex god) uses a parrot and the sun god travels in a chariot drawn by seven horses. Among the goddesses, Durga always uses a tiger to ride on, Bhairav uses a black dog, Sheetla uses a donkey, Mansa Devi uses a snake and Lakshami (Vishnu‘s wife) uses a centipede. Shanishar uses a vulture as his aeroplane. Like their transport their favourite dishes are also different. For example Shanishar is pleased with oil, iron and lentils
    (mWh dI dwl). Some others are pleased with meat and intoxicating liquors. The most important six Hindu gods are jointly called Devshatak. They are Ganesh, Sun, Fire, Vishnu, Shiva, and Durga. Like us humans these gods and goddesses also revered a Guru. Their Guru was Barhispati.Sikhism believes that all so-called Avatars were human and were therefore incapable of fathoming the greatness of God. Man can be godly by acquiring godly qualities but can never become God. Man is a part of God‘s creation. He cannot claim to be the creator. The Sikhs are strict monotheists. They are strictly forbidden from worshipping gods and goddesses because these gods‘ and goddesses cannot help their devotees in the attainment of emancipation. They are themselves prone to death like other beings. The Sikhs put their faith in the Guru‘s bani which provides them with all spiritual and worldly knowledge. Guru Granth Sahib completely negates the theory of gods and goddesses or god‘s incarnations. According to it worship of gods and goddesses is a useless pursuit. Bhagat Namdev too clearly states that worship of goddesses can never be instrumental in man‘s salvation. In Hindu scriptures sacrifices to propitiate the gods are considered pious acts and are known as Devkaram (Acts of piety).

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