Theory of Incarnation “Avatar” in Hinduism


Theory of Incarnation “Avatar”

The theory of incarnation of God is one of the most successful bait to lure/entrap the ‘religious’ mind people. And this is the theory most abundantly discussed.

The Verse 7 & 8 of Chap. 4 talks of promise or declaration of God that he incarnates in every Yug whenever the religion or saints are put to jeopardy. The verses, in verbatim, are as under:

The meaning of these verses is as follows.

The God declares, “O! Arjun, whenever and wherever there is loss to religion and the irreligion enhances, then I produce myself. Then I save the saints and finish the evil-doers. In order to establish religion, I make myself possible in every era.

The translation has been done as the ISCON chief ACP has done in his book namely Gita Yatharoop.

As per these verses, there are three important functions that are related to the event of incarnation.

1. That God creates/produces himself.

2. That he stops decay of religion and increase of irreligion.

3. That he saves the saints and punishes the wicked.

It is pleasant to hear such a theory. In this world, all the theists nurture a belief in their hearts that God is as such. He believes a God is there to protect the good people and punish the bad ones. Even every atheist too demands that if there be a God, he must perform these functions.

Now a few questions arise viz. is there any possibility of incarnation of God; more importantly had there been actually any incarnation as claimed in Brahmanic scriptures; had those incarnated Gods of Hinduism performed such acts like the killing the cheats and saving the saints.

The veracity of Gita and its theories must be tested on these norms or criteria.

Meaning of Incarnation: In Hinduism the term used for incarnation is “Avtār” which literally means ‘to come down’ from sky. Usually all theists believe that God lives in the sky or some place above the sky.

The theory of Avtār states that the Brahmanic God comes or takes birth on the Earth as and when there is decay of religion. The term “Brahmanic God” has been used for two reasons:

1. There exist hundreds of religions and faiths on the Earth. Except Hinduism no other religion has claimed that the one Almighty God comes down on the Earth to save their religion. It is only Hinduism that claims their Gods have already come down for as many as 30 times. Their God has also already made advance booking for Kaliyug. His name will be Kaliki. He is merely waiting for ‘irreligion’ to crop up. Surprisingly, the Kalik ihas already put to death many people including breast-feeding mother and her son.

2. Almost all the Brahmanic Gods have taken Avtārs simultaneously. God is believed to be ‘one piece item’. It has no replicas, no carbon copies, no Xerox copies etc. But here in Brahmanic religion there is no One God. There are three Gods and 330 millions gods. Everybody is capable of taking Avtār or incarnation. Many have taken Avtār and many more are taking daily. In all major religions, their founders claimed to be messengers of God. Like Jesus was prophet of God, Mohammed was last messenger of God. But in Hinduism religion their heroes are claiming to be God themselves. The trio of Brahma, Vishanu and Mahesh are always fighting for supremacy. It is somewhat weird that God incarnates in the form of some living creatures or non-living items. All over the world, the propounders of ‘God’ have always asserted that God is omnipotent. NOBODY living or dead can be away or above the reign of God. If God is not ‘all-powerful’ how could he be God, then he would be like anybody. So it is something unimaginable that God has to incarnate himself as swine, fish or half-beast to accomplish some task. If a Hanuman could swallow whole of the Sun, Krishan could lift a 20 km radius rock on his little finger, why did their God incarnate as shit eater animal to bring back Vedas from a demon? I create myself is concerned, it is again a weird idea that God creates himself. A reading given to both the verses together reveals that God makes his 15 creation possible in every era. Question arises when God is already existing, how could he ‘create’ himself.

If creating is taken as transforming i.e. God transform himself in pig, monkey, Raam Krishan etc. question arises who controls the Universe during this time because during this time God remains busy in some other important jobs. For example, as a swine God remains busy in digging the earth, as a Raam he remains busy in crying for Sita. And as Krishan he is over-busy. He has more than 300 million women to undress, make love with them and then to incite Arjun to kill his kith & kin!

When God is busy performing such great tasks, who remains there to perform his usual jobs of controlling the universe. In Hinduism, instead of one supreme God there are three Gods each superior to the other two. Brhma creates the universe but he himself is created from the belly of Vishanu who always worships penis of Shiv who is entrusted with the Ministry of the Dead, Ghosts etc. So who performs this task. I create myself, remains unanswerable in the Hinduism. More so, all the theist religions agree and assert that God is formless. In Islam and Sikh Dharam, it is almost the highest sin to make picture of God. But in Brahmanic system none of the trio is formless. Each one among the trio has his own distinct form. Like Uncle Sam or Santa Claus, the Brahmanic Gods have not only a specific aged body but also a unique dress. As Santa Claus is always found riding a sledge driven by reindeers so is Brahmanic trio: Brahma, Vishanu and Mahesh.

Brhma is depicted as 90 year old man sporting white beard, wearing white shirt and dhoti. He is either seated over a lotus or hangs in the air. Vishanu is of blue color, upper half of body naked, always lying on a snake and his wife massaging his legs. Shiv or Mahesh is blackish blue, wearing no clothes but simply wrapping a deerskin around his waist. He is either found sitting on icy rock or a bull. His wife is found normally sitting on his thigh. Brhma is never found with his mate.

So the Gods of Brahmans have distinct dresses and shapes. Now it is inexplicable how Brhma or Vishanu could not have achieved their goal by not incarnating themselves in the shape of a swine.  As per Brahmanic scriptures as many as 30 incarnations of their Gods have already occurred. Only these three have done the exercise of incarnation. However, there are contradictory claims as to which God incarnated in which shape. So the claim of Gita that the God creates himself is void abinitio. He rather three Gods of Brahmans is already a “created object” having definite shape and dress. Mind it, Gita does not say that God “moulds” himself in another shape to protect religion. It says “I create myself”. There is one thing common and certain about the Avtār. All the Avtārs have been taken with pre-planned strategy and goal. Whatsoever, the incarnated fellow has to do, are settled much before the incarnation.

For example, when Raam was alive, 30 million Brahman saints and some thousand gods’ wives came to have sex with Raam but as he was not in a position to fulfill their demand in that birth, he booked all of them for his next round. Hence, the Brahmanic God had to incarnate himself as Krishan to fulfill sex desire of some 30 million, 18 thousand and nine women! Raam had incarnated only to murder Emperor Ravana. The abduction of Sita was immaterial. As the wolf was to devour lamb whether or not he muddled the water, same was the story of Raam.

4 thoughts on “Theory of Incarnation “Avatar” in Hinduism

  1. This is the sacchai of Videshi Brahmins and Brahminizm and not Hindu Dharm . HIndu Dharm is separate from Videshi Brahmin Adharm and Vikruti . They tried to mix that with Native Satya Hindu Dharm during dark age of India some times by Sankaracharya and his four maths working in India . But why this filth be forced upon Hindus and be asked them to take responsibility for the sin they have not committed but it was done by Videshi Brahmins . Brahmins are not Hindus . They are not Hindustani . One should not mix them with Non Brahmins. Hindu Vohi , Jo Brahmin Nahi . Hindustani Vohi , Jo Brahmin Nahi. Hindu Dharm is revealed by Dharmatam Kabir in Bijak teaching where there is no sanction for Avtar and Vedik Dharm , Ved , Shruti , Smriti , Purans and other bogus creations justifying Avtar , Varn , Jaati , bhedbhav , Asprushyata etc.

    We deny Brahminsm and say again that Brahmins are not Hindus .

    Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chhodo , Bharat Jodo

    • Yeah you are right. Brahmans have modified the scripture for their own sake. They manipulated the innocent Indians by writing things in the way which could enhance their treasure. So far as I know, puranas are not authentic books. They are the miscreations of corrupted personnel.

  2. We have seen that Hindu gods are jealous of each other and are usually seen engaged in mutual recriminations and revenge. For example Vishnu turned himself into Narsingh and saved Prahlad
    from the atrocities of his father. This did not please Shiva because Prahlad‘s father Hirnakashyap was Shiva‘s follower. Shiva turned himself into a bird called‗Sharabh‘ and tore up Vishnu with his nails. Thus we see that Hindu gods were pugnacious and jealous and their stories have little, if any, merit in instructing humanity Hindu gods were subject to the same physical passions, infirmities, frailties and vices to which human beings were subject. This is why these gods often indulged in the vices in which many human beings revelled. They cursed each other and even fought among themselves. Narda (born from Brahma‘s forehead) and Indra have
    always been out to create misunderstandings and problems. Snitching and backbiting are permanently associated with these two Brahma cursed his son Narda to be always engaged in sex. Narda cursed his father by saying that the latter will have sex with his own daughter. gods.

    Indra, the leader of the gods, even raped Rishi ( Sant) Gautama‘s wife Ahalya. Brahma fell in love with Shiva‘s wife Sati. Bhagvad Puran tells us that Brahma was a thief. He stole Krishna‘s cows. Most Hindu gods are fond of music and dance. Dev Dasis (young girls) dance to please the gods and the 6333 Gandharvas (and their wives Gandharvis) please the gods with music and songs. Hindu gods have servants too. For example Sri Krishna ‘s servant was Gian who for some reason annoyed Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna wanted to behead his servant but Gian ran away and took shelter with Arjun. Sri Krishna had a fierce and gruesome fight with his own brother-in-law Arjun and only Brahma could stop them from fighting. The gods are not brave. Once they were tormented by the demons. Instead of facing the demons manly, they ran away and approached goddess Durga and beseeched her to save their lives. Such behaviour does not become the spiritual leaders. Like us human beings the gods are also fond of pets. For example Inder, the leader of the gods ( Devtesh) has a bitch called Sarma. For riding, Brahma and his wife Saraswati use a Swan, Vishnu uses Garud (a bird), Shiv uses a bull, Ganesh uses a rat, Kam Devta (sex god) uses a parrot and the sun god travels in a chariot drawn by seven horses. Among the goddesses, Durga always uses a tiger to ride on, Bhairav uses a black dog, Sheetla uses a donkey, Mansa Devi uses a snake and Lakshami (Vishnu‘s wife) uses a centipede. Shanishar uses a vulture as his aeroplane. Like their transport their favourite dishes are also different. For example Shanishar is pleased with oil, iron and lentils
    (mWh dI dwl). Some others are pleased with meat and intoxicating liquors. The most important six Hindu gods are jointly called Devshatak. They are Ganesh, Sun, Fire, Vishnu, Shiva, and Durga. Like us humans these gods and goddesses also revered a Guru. Their Guru was Barhispati.Sikhism believes that all so-called Avatars were human and were therefore incapable of fathoming the greatness of God. Man can be godly by acquiring godly qualities but can never become God. Man is a part of God‘s creation. He cannot claim to be the creator. The Sikhs are strict monotheists. They are strictly forbidden from worshipping gods and goddesses because these gods‘ and goddesses cannot help their devotees in the attainment of emancipation. They are themselves prone to death like other beings. The Sikhs put their faith in the Guru‘s bani which provides them with all spiritual and worldly knowledge. Guru Granth Sahib completely negates the theory of gods and goddesses or god‘s incarnations. According to it worship of gods and goddesses is a useless pursuit. Bhagat Namdev too clearly states that worship of goddesses can never be instrumental in man‘s salvation. In Hindu scriptures sacrifices to propitiate the gods are considered pious acts and are known as Devkaram (Acts of piety).

    • true brother but unfortunately hinduism main pillar is blindness and majority of hindus knows this well but they are not allowed to speak the truth due to social and economic problems, hinduism is one of the worst spot on human race i use to be an hindu but finally i learn a lot and did research and finally i quit from the ghettos of blindness, i have seen many TV programs as well read many books of hinduism and found that hindu gods are nothing but stray dogs.

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