Mahesh or Shiv


Mahesh or Shiv :

The third one in the trio is known as Mahesh or Shiv. Not too many incarnations are registered in his name. He is known as God of Death. All ghosts, demons, draculas and evil spirits are his followers. He is believed to be God of Shudras.

He is the only person who could successfully challange authority of Vishnu. Some writers advance a theory that he was God of original inhibitants of India. When Aryans invaded India, he resisted their move. But ultimately, he gave up when granddaughters of Brahma became his wives. Despite being ‘Jawaeen’ i.e. son-in-law of Brahmanic Super God, their hate for him did not vanish. Tulsi made Ram to say in his Ramcharit : Shiv worshipper is my foe. As per Harivash Puran Brahma’s son Daksh gave his one daughter Sati to Mahesh. But despite that relationship, he was always kept away from family functions.

Yags were the source of income, food, wine and even authority. Daksh did not give Shive his due share. His wife coitted suicide in the fire of yag. Infuriated over this incidence, he sent his men who destroyed the yag and killed Daksh like the animal is killed in yag. The attackers even urinated in the yag fire.

It shows that Shiv had no respect for yags which was lifeline of Aryans. Anyhow, Shiv was presented another woman instantly. However, Shiv too was Brhamanised. Some incidents have been associated with his name also.

  1. In Rajasthan, when someone dies, women sing songs for whole of night. These songs are called ‘Harjas’ i.e. praise of God. One of the Harjas depicts life of Shiv. It says that when Shiv returned after meditation of 12 years, he found a nine-year-old boy guarding his abode. When Shiv tried to enter, he resisted his move. Hence, the God cut his neck.
    This story clearly states that Shiv had not fathered that boy Ganesh. Parvati produced her in his absence. The Shiv who is claimed to be Triloki-nath i.e. owner of all the three worlds and having every-moment information of the universe could not know that Ganesh was son of his wife Parvati who produced him when he was engaged in meditation.
    More important is the fact that the God was so cruel that he cut the head of a little boy. Anybody can guess what would he do after taking incarnation.
  2. His second action was that of running after Vishnu the Mohini to quench his lust. Fortunate was Vishnu that he could save herself from the cluches of lustful Shiv. Otherwise, how many children Vishnu would have given birth, would have been other subject matter of Purans. Perhaps due to this, Ram gifted 16 adolescent girls to his incarnation Hanuman. The Ramayan says (Uttarkand ) that the girls had just entered their youth and their genitals had just started growing hair. Nothing is left to guess what the incarnation of Shiv did of those girls.
  3. His third story is about worship of his penis or phallus. Once all the three Gods had a fight on the question : who is the supreme. Their fight bore no result. Ultimately, Bhrigu the Brahman was appointed the Commissioner to decide the case. He first visited the abode of Brahma who did not take care of him. The Brahman was infuriated. He cursed as he did not worship the Brahman, henceforth, nonbody would worship Brahma. Then he went to Shiv. He was engaged in sexual intercourse with his wife. He too did not take notice of the Brahman. So the Brahman commanded that as he is always engaged in sex, he become a penis. So Shiv became penis with vagina around it. Then he went to Vishnu who was sleeping. Bhrigu the Brahman kicked him. He held of brahman’s foot and asked if it has not been hurt. Brahman was pleased with his Brahman-reverence. He was thus declared supreme god
  4. It is simply a cock & bull story. If Shiv had turned into ‘Penis’ why the life of Shiv did not come to an end. How could Shiv exist after becoming a penis? In fact, Brahmans made him penis to provide sanction of religion to their own lustful misdeeds. Their another book Ling Puran i.e. History of Penis tells another story. It says once Brahma and Vishnu were fighting over their supremacy. Suddenly a giant penis appeared between them. Both agreed whosoever would find one end of the penis, would be Supreme God. Both travelled thousands of miles but neither could find the end. Ultimately, they worshipped that penis of Shiv and named him Mahadev i.e. Supreme God.

It appears to be a story told by sex-maniac quack who sell medicine to cure all sex-problems.

Just think over! Whom do we call a ‘God’! It is universal acceptance that God is Father of all fathers. Then how can a ‘Father’ be a penis! How could daughters and sons worship penis of that Father. It is really a blot in the name of religion. A person who gets his penis worshipped a NEVER be a God.

If such a person is God, then where is a need for Satan? Even Satan does not think of doing so.

13 thoughts on “Mahesh or Shiv

  1. dude,
    I have a few questions for you.
    1. Are you against hinduism? if yes, which religion are you for? Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism?
    2. Almost all your columns are against hinduism, I would like to know why.

    There are good things and bad things about almost all the religions. You can also say that all of the religions are man made. No one religion is better or worse than the other. No matter which religion you are talking about. There are crappy things about every religion. If you do not believe that fact or understand, you should read some more stuff instead of bad mouthing just one particular reason. You should not forget the fact you are allowed to say such things in India, Would you have gotten the same freedom if you were in Pakistan, Afghanistan or even Iran? For example, A lot of people were killed after the Danish cartoonist made some derogatory cartoons of a well known prophet of Islam. What do you have to say about that? Christians killed thousands of people in the 11th and 12th century in the name of spreading their religion? Christianity and Islam were forced on people by the people who won the war. Even Buddhism and Jainism have their drawbacks so does sikhism. It’s people like us who needs to chose to what to believe in and how to live our lives. Religion has got nothing to do with it. Just because you are a hindu, muslim, jew or a christian doesn’t make you a good human being.
    Just because you have put here some extracts from Veds, Puranas and Upnishads that,too, way out of context doesn’t make you right or validates whatever you are saying. Hope you get the point . I don’t think you will but I had to put my point across. I would have written in Hindi but my hindi isn’t as good as yours.

    • thanks a lot raka you wrote this… i was literally about to write ditto of whatever you wrote.
      But u know i’m little lazy to write such a big reply 😛 and at last i would like to get an answer from the writer of this blog. Answer yaa.. you hater.. 😀

  2. how a gode give permissson to people for worship of a penis ?????
    sirf yahi ak cheaze rah gyi thi jiski pooja se god khush ho how fool this…….

  3. ling nahi lingam =swaroop
    shiv lingam= jyotirlingam= jyoti ke jaisa swaroop bhagvaan shiv ka hai
    agarr mai jyoti ko diye ke sath banane ko kahun to shivling jaisa hi banega jise apbhransh kar diya gaya
    ye sanskrit shabd hai

    koti means karore bhi aur prakaar bhi hota hai
    33 karore nahi kewal 33 prakaar ke devi devata hain

    • madar chod apne baap ke lund par bhi shodh kar le bhosdi ke ki tu uski hi paidaish ha ya pig ke lund ki bhahan ke lode

  4. Dear Readers,
    i have gone through with all your comments and really surprised that without reading a single paragraph of my post, you guys started abusing me just because i am writing about a religion which is packed with evils and hypocrisy, as i have explained several times that all posts are undertaken through deep study about hinduism before they published on blog. I would request all followers of hinduism to read the post or blog properly and stop leaving derogatory remarks about my blog.

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