Mahesh or Shiv


Mahesh or Shiv :

The third one in the trio is known as Mahesh or Shiv. Not too many incarnations are registered in his name. He is known as God of Death. All ghosts, demons, draculas and evil spirits are his followers. He is believed to be God of Shudras.

He is the only person who could successfully challange authority of Vishnu. Some writers advance a theory that he was God of original inhibitants of India. When Aryans invaded India, he resisted their move. But ultimately, he gave up when granddaughters of Brahma became his wives. Despite being ‘Jawaeen’ i.e. son-in-law of Brahmanic Super God, their hate for him did not vanish. Tulsi made Ram to say in his Ramcharit : Shiv worshipper is my foe. As per Harivash Puran Brahma’s son Daksh gave his one daughter Sati to Mahesh. But despite that relationship, he was always kept away from family functions.

Yags were the source of income, food, wine and even authority. Daksh did not give Shive his due share. His wife coitted suicide in the fire of yag. Infuriated over this incidence, he sent his men who destroyed the yag and killed Daksh like the animal is killed in yag. The attackers even urinated in the yag fire.

It shows that Shiv had no respect for yags which was lifeline of Aryans. Anyhow, Shiv was presented another woman instantly. However, Shiv too was Brhamanised. Some incidents have been associated with his name also.

  1. In Rajasthan, when someone dies, women sing songs for whole of night. These songs are called ‘Harjas’ i.e. praise of God. One of the Harjas depicts life of Shiv. It says that when Shiv returned after meditation of 12 years, he found a nine-year-old boy guarding his abode. When Shiv tried to enter, he resisted his move. Hence, the God cut his neck.
    This story clearly states that Shiv had not fathered that boy Ganesh. Parvati produced her in his absence. The Shiv who is claimed to be Triloki-nath i.e. owner of all the three worlds and having every-moment information of the universe could not know that Ganesh was son of his wife Parvati who produced him when he was engaged in meditation.
    More important is the fact that the God was so cruel that he cut the head of a little boy. Anybody can guess what would he do after taking incarnation.
  2. His second action was that of running after Vishnu the Mohini to quench his lust. Fortunate was Vishnu that he could save herself from the cluches of lustful Shiv. Otherwise, how many children Vishnu would have given birth, would have been other subject matter of Purans. Perhaps due to this, Ram gifted 16 adolescent girls to his incarnation Hanuman. The Ramayan says (Uttarkand ) that the girls had just entered their youth and their genitals had just started growing hair. Nothing is left to guess what the incarnation of Shiv did of those girls.
  3. His third story is about worship of his penis or phallus. Once all the three Gods had a fight on the question : who is the supreme. Their fight bore no result. Ultimately, Bhrigu the Brahman was appointed the Commissioner to decide the case. He first visited the abode of Brahma who did not take care of him. The Brahman was infuriated. He cursed as he did not worship the Brahman, henceforth, nonbody would worship Brahma. Then he went to Shiv. He was engaged in sexual intercourse with his wife. He too did not take notice of the Brahman. So the Brahman commanded that as he is always engaged in sex, he become a penis. So Shiv became penis with vagina around it. Then he went to Vishnu who was sleeping. Bhrigu the Brahman kicked him. He held of brahman’s foot and asked if it has not been hurt. Brahman was pleased with his Brahman-reverence. He was thus declared supreme god
  4. It is simply a cock & bull story. If Shiv had turned into ‘Penis’ why the life of Shiv did not come to an end. How could Shiv exist after becoming a penis? In fact, Brahmans made him penis to provide sanction of religion to their own lustful misdeeds. Their another book Ling Puran i.e. History of Penis tells another story. It says once Brahma and Vishnu were fighting over their supremacy. Suddenly a giant penis appeared between them. Both agreed whosoever would find one end of the penis, would be Supreme God. Both travelled thousands of miles but neither could find the end. Ultimately, they worshipped that penis of Shiv and named him Mahadev i.e. Supreme God.

It appears to be a story told by sex-maniac quack who sell medicine to cure all sex-problems.

Just think over! Whom do we call a ‘God’! It is universal acceptance that God is Father of all fathers. Then how can a ‘Father’ be a penis! How could daughters and sons worship penis of that Father. It is really a blot in the name of religion. A person who gets his penis worshipped a NEVER be a God.

If such a person is God, then where is a need for Satan? Even Satan does not think of doing so.



Vishnu : The maximum number of Incarnations are assigned to his name. There is little life story of Vishnu himself. In later Ved he is Deputy Inder i.e. Upender. In Purans, he is engaged mostly in tussle with Shiv to prove his superiority over him.

In his life, two misdeeds are so sinful that none could even imagine in his dreams that a God can do so! Thru these two sins, Vishnu ‘gifted’ the goons of the world a never-fail weapon. Vishnu was the first man in the world who used ‘woman’ to achieve his target. The goons of the world shall always be indebted to Vishnu for this. Given below are his two mahapaps i.e. colossus sin:

  1. The Hindu scriptures declare that Sur and Asurs were born to same mother. Sur were wine drinkers, gamblers and cheat but winners, hence they were called Gods. Asur were tetotallers, alms-givers and simple people but they lost to the Gods, hence they were called demons.
    Once there was rift among these two brothers and their children on the point of distributioon of ‘property’. It was agreed and decided that they would churn the Ocean and take out all the valuables out of it. (Just see the level of knowledge of the Puran-writer. He thought as butter floats out on shaking the curd so would happen on churning the sea-water.)
    It was also agreed that the valuables coming out of sea would be owned by them in turn i.e. first article would go to Gods, second to Asurs, third to Gods, fourth to Asurs and so on.
    Amrit i.e. Nectar came out in the turn of Asurs. Morality demanded this should go to the Asurs. But, what is use of Gods if they do not deceive. Vishnu hatched a sinful deceit. He adorned himself as ‘most beautiful prostitute’ and appeared at the site. For a moment, all were mesmerised by her beauty. Before Asurs could regain their senses, Vishnu lifted their pitcher of netcar and fled away. Thus, the Brahmanic God taught his people that woman could be used to deprive others of their lawful belongings.
    This eternal tradition has been constantly used by Brahmans to achieve victory over the opponents. Inder has applied this formula millions of times to save his throne from his opponents. Even Brahmanic Goddesses of Power did not hesitate to show their beautiful limbs to trap their prey. Even Brahmanic people unsuccessfully tried this weapon against Baba Sahib Ambedkar. 
  2. In the first attempt, Vishnu himself became a ‘female’ but in his second attempt he did what a normal man can NEVER imagine of doing. NO SECOND EXAMPLE IS AVAILABLE IN ANY OTHER RELIGION IN THE WORLD.
    King Jallandhar was ruler of Indian territory. He was true replica of Emperor Ashoka. Puran testifies that in his kingdom there was peace everywhere. It 

says that a damsel wearing load of gold ornaments and moving out in the dead of night had no threat to her chastity, life or ornaments.

The Gods got jealous of him. They thought that if that trend continued, people would forget them. They approached Vishnu. He inquired into the matter and found that Ma Vrinda was the power behind King Jallandhar.

With his criminal mind, he chalked out a conspiracy. The Gods were happy to know his evil designs. Gods engaged King Jallandhar in a battle outside his capital. Vishnu dressed like King Jallandhar and in the darkness entered the house of Ma Vrinda. She mistook him as her husband. And before she could raise any resistence, he committed rape on her.

He was caught and his face was blackened but in the meantime, Ma Vrinda committed suicide. Since then in Indian peninsula, it has become a custom that a face of the sinner is balckened. King Jallandhar was down with the grief of suicide by his beloved wife, when Gods attacked and kiled him. A state of Utopia was ruined by the Hindu Gods!

Thru this criminal sin, the Supreme God of Brahmans gave a message to his people as to how to ‘use’ a woman to conquer one’s opponent. He told his people that use of woman either as Mohini or as Ma Vrinda never goes waste. THUS, THE VISHNU COULD BE CALLED ‘ADI-GUNDA’ THAT IS ‘SEED CRIMINAL’.

Perhaps a mafia don too would be hesitant in taking suh heinous step. But in Brahmanism such a criminal is their supreme god.

It is anybody’s guess, what would he do after taking incarnation as Ram and Krishan. It is natural that incarnations of such a criminal would cut nose and ears of women proposing for marriage or elope with married women of relatives.

Fortunately, the residue of the teachings of our Saints : Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Kabir, Ravidas, Nanak etc, still exists in our conscience which forbid us from adopting misdeeds of Vishnu like “Gods”. Only a few criminals follow him.

Just a short time back, there occurred a ‘Tehlaka Scandal’ in which one courageous journalist exposed politicians, Ministers and high ranking officers who take bribe in the purchase of weapons for Defence forces. Later on, the journalist was accused of taking services of ‘unwanted’ girls to expose all these corrupt people. Almost every news paper admonished the journalist for taking services of such girls but these papers themselves publish stories of the Vishnu who used woman for personal gains.

Theory of Incarnation “Avatar” in Hinduism


Theory of Incarnation “Avatar”

The theory of incarnation of God is one of the most successful bait to lure/entrap the ‘religious’ mind people. And this is the theory most abundantly discussed.

The Verse 7 & 8 of Chap. 4 talks of promise or declaration of God that he incarnates in every Yug whenever the religion or saints are put to jeopardy. The verses, in verbatim, are as under:

The meaning of these verses is as follows.

The God declares, “O! Arjun, whenever and wherever there is loss to religion and the irreligion enhances, then I produce myself. Then I save the saints and finish the evil-doers. In order to establish religion, I make myself possible in every era.

The translation has been done as the ISCON chief ACP has done in his book namely Gita Yatharoop.

As per these verses, there are three important functions that are related to the event of incarnation.

1. That God creates/produces himself.

2. That he stops decay of religion and increase of irreligion.

3. That he saves the saints and punishes the wicked.

It is pleasant to hear such a theory. In this world, all the theists nurture a belief in their hearts that God is as such. He believes a God is there to protect the good people and punish the bad ones. Even every atheist too demands that if there be a God, he must perform these functions.

Now a few questions arise viz. is there any possibility of incarnation of God; more importantly had there been actually any incarnation as claimed in Brahmanic scriptures; had those incarnated Gods of Hinduism performed such acts like the killing the cheats and saving the saints.

The veracity of Gita and its theories must be tested on these norms or criteria.

Meaning of Incarnation: In Hinduism the term used for incarnation is “Avtār” which literally means ‘to come down’ from sky. Usually all theists believe that God lives in the sky or some place above the sky.

The theory of Avtār states that the Brahmanic God comes or takes birth on the Earth as and when there is decay of religion. The term “Brahmanic God” has been used for two reasons:

1. There exist hundreds of religions and faiths on the Earth. Except Hinduism no other religion has claimed that the one Almighty God comes down on the Earth to save their religion. It is only Hinduism that claims their Gods have already come down for as many as 30 times. Their God has also already made advance booking for Kaliyug. His name will be Kaliki. He is merely waiting for ‘irreligion’ to crop up. Surprisingly, the Kalik ihas already put to death many people including breast-feeding mother and her son.

2. Almost all the Brahmanic Gods have taken Avtārs simultaneously. God is believed to be ‘one piece item’. It has no replicas, no carbon copies, no Xerox copies etc. But here in Brahmanic religion there is no One God. There are three Gods and 330 millions gods. Everybody is capable of taking Avtār or incarnation. Many have taken Avtār and many more are taking daily. In all major religions, their founders claimed to be messengers of God. Like Jesus was prophet of God, Mohammed was last messenger of God. But in Hinduism religion their heroes are claiming to be God themselves. The trio of Brahma, Vishanu and Mahesh are always fighting for supremacy. It is somewhat weird that God incarnates in the form of some living creatures or non-living items. All over the world, the propounders of ‘God’ have always asserted that God is omnipotent. NOBODY living or dead can be away or above the reign of God. If God is not ‘all-powerful’ how could he be God, then he would be like anybody. So it is something unimaginable that God has to incarnate himself as swine, fish or half-beast to accomplish some task. If a Hanuman could swallow whole of the Sun, Krishan could lift a 20 km radius rock on his little finger, why did their God incarnate as shit eater animal to bring back Vedas from a demon? I create myself is concerned, it is again a weird idea that God creates himself. A reading given to both the verses together reveals that God makes his 15 creation possible in every era. Question arises when God is already existing, how could he ‘create’ himself.

If creating is taken as transforming i.e. God transform himself in pig, monkey, Raam Krishan etc. question arises who controls the Universe during this time because during this time God remains busy in some other important jobs. For example, as a swine God remains busy in digging the earth, as a Raam he remains busy in crying for Sita. And as Krishan he is over-busy. He has more than 300 million women to undress, make love with them and then to incite Arjun to kill his kith & kin!

When God is busy performing such great tasks, who remains there to perform his usual jobs of controlling the universe. In Hinduism, instead of one supreme God there are three Gods each superior to the other two. Brhma creates the universe but he himself is created from the belly of Vishanu who always worships penis of Shiv who is entrusted with the Ministry of the Dead, Ghosts etc. So who performs this task. I create myself, remains unanswerable in the Hinduism. More so, all the theist religions agree and assert that God is formless. In Islam and Sikh Dharam, it is almost the highest sin to make picture of God. But in Brahmanic system none of the trio is formless. Each one among the trio has his own distinct form. Like Uncle Sam or Santa Claus, the Brahmanic Gods have not only a specific aged body but also a unique dress. As Santa Claus is always found riding a sledge driven by reindeers so is Brahmanic trio: Brahma, Vishanu and Mahesh.

Brhma is depicted as 90 year old man sporting white beard, wearing white shirt and dhoti. He is either seated over a lotus or hangs in the air. Vishanu is of blue color, upper half of body naked, always lying on a snake and his wife massaging his legs. Shiv or Mahesh is blackish blue, wearing no clothes but simply wrapping a deerskin around his waist. He is either found sitting on icy rock or a bull. His wife is found normally sitting on his thigh. Brhma is never found with his mate.

So the Gods of Brahmans have distinct dresses and shapes. Now it is inexplicable how Brhma or Vishanu could not have achieved their goal by not incarnating themselves in the shape of a swine.  As per Brahmanic scriptures as many as 30 incarnations of their Gods have already occurred. Only these three have done the exercise of incarnation. However, there are contradictory claims as to which God incarnated in which shape. So the claim of Gita that the God creates himself is void abinitio. He rather three Gods of Brahmans is already a “created object” having definite shape and dress. Mind it, Gita does not say that God “moulds” himself in another shape to protect religion. It says “I create myself”. There is one thing common and certain about the Avtār. All the Avtārs have been taken with pre-planned strategy and goal. Whatsoever, the incarnated fellow has to do, are settled much before the incarnation.

For example, when Raam was alive, 30 million Brahman saints and some thousand gods’ wives came to have sex with Raam but as he was not in a position to fulfill their demand in that birth, he booked all of them for his next round. Hence, the Brahmanic God had to incarnate himself as Krishan to fulfill sex desire of some 30 million, 18 thousand and nine women! Raam had incarnated only to murder Emperor Ravana. The abduction of Sita was immaterial. As the wolf was to devour lamb whether or not he muddled the water, same was the story of Raam.

श्री कृष्ण : भगवान है या बलात्कारी..???


श्री कृष्ण : भगवान है या बलात्कारी..???

दशरत राम यदि ‘मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम’ कहलाता हैं
तो वासुदेव नंदन कृष्ण ‘लीला पुरुषोत्तम’ अर्थात कृष्ण
अपनी अनोखी लीलाओ के कारण जन सामान्य में अधिक लोकप्रिय रहे हैं.

संभवत: कृष्ण का बचपन नंदगांव और गोकुल में गोपियों के बीच
बीता. कृष्ण औरतो के मामले में शुरू से ही स्वतंत्र विचार के थे.
पुराणों के अनुसार उनका मिजाज़ लड़कपन से ही आशिकाना मालूम होता हैं.
गोपियों के साथ कृष्ण का यौन सम्बन्ध था इस विषय
में लगभग सारा कृष्ण साहित्य एकमत हैं. इन गोपियों में विवाहित और
कुमारी दोनों प्रकार की थी वे अपने पतियों, पिताओ और
भाइयो के कहने
पर भी नहीं रूकती थी:
‘ ता: वार्यमाणा: पतिभि:
पितृभिभ्रातृभि स्तथा,
गोपांगना रात्रौं रमयंती रतिप्रिया :’
-विष्णुपुराण, 5, 13/59.
अर्थात वे रतिप्रिय गोपियाँ अपने
पिताओं और भाइयो के रोकने पर भि रात में
कृष्ण के
साथ रमण करती थी.

कृष्ण और गोपियों का अनुचित सम्बन्ध
था यह बात
भागवत में स्पष्ट रूप से मोजूद हैं,
ईश्वर अथवा उस के अवतार माने जाने वाले
कृष्ण का जन
सामान्य के समक्ष अपने ही गाँव की बहु
बेटियों के साथ सम्बन्ध रखना क्या आदर्श
था ?

कृष्ण ने गोपियों के साथ साथ ठंडी बालू
नदी पुलिन पर प्रवेश कर के रमण किया.
वह स्थान
कुमुद की चंचल और सुगन्धित वायु आनंददायक
रहा था. बाहे फैलाना, आलिंगन करना,
गोपियों के हाथ
दबाना, बाल (चोटी) खींचना, जंघाओं पर
हाथ फेरना,
नीवी एवं स्तनों को चुन, गोपियों के नर्म
अंगो नाखुनो से नोचना, तिर्चि निगाह से
हंसीमजाक करना आदि क्रियाओं से
गोपियों में
कामवासना बढ़ाते हुए कृष्ण ने रमण किया.

-श्रीमदभागवत महापुराण 10/29/45
कृष्ण ने रात रात भर जाग कर अपने
साथियो सहित
अपने से अधिक अवस्था वाली और माता जैसे
वाली गोपियों को भोगा.
– आनंद रामायण, राज्य सर्ग 3/47
कृष्ण के विषय में जो कुछ आगे पुरानो में
लिखा हैं उसे
लिखते हुए भी शर्म महसूस होती हैं
की गोपियों के
साथ उसने क्या-क्या किया इसलिए में निचे
सिर्फ हवाले लिख रहा हूँ जहा कृष्ण ने
गोपियों के
यौन क्रियाये की हैं-

– ब्रह्मावैवर्त पुराण, कृष्णजन्म खंड 4,
28-6/18, 74, 75, 77, 85, 86, 105,
134, 70.
– ब्रह्मावैवर्त पुराण, कृष्णजन्म खंड 4,
कृष्ण का सम्बन्ध अनेक नारियों से रहा हैं
की विवाहिता पत्नियों की संख्या सोलह
हज़ार एक
सो आठ बताई जाती हैं. धार्मिक क्षेत्र में
कृष्ण के साथ
राधा का नाम ही अधिक प्रचलित हैं. कृष्ण
की मूर्ति के साथ प्राय: सभी मंदिरों में
राधा की मूर्ति हैं. लेकिन आखिर ये
राधा थी कौन?
ब्रह्मावैवर्त पुराण राधा कृष्ण
की मामी बताई गयी हैं.
इसी पुराण में राधा की उत्पत्ति कृष्ण के
बाए अंग से
बताई गयी हैं
‘कृष्ण के बायें भाग से एक कन्या उत्पन्न हुई.
गुडवानो ने
उसका नाम राधा रखा.

– ब्रह्मावैवर्त पुराण, 5/25-26
‘उस राधा का विवाह रायाण नामक वैश्य
के साथ कर
दिया गया कृष्ण
की जो माता यशोदा थी रायाण
उनका सगा भाई था.

– ब्रह्मावैवर्त पुराण, 49/39,41,49
यदि राधा को कृष्ण के अंग से उत्पन्न माने
तो वह
उसकी पुत्री हुई . यदि यशोदा के नाते
विचार करें
तो वह कृष्ण की मामी हुई.
दोनों ही दृष्टियो से
राधा का कृष्ण के साथ प्रेम अनुचित था और
कृष्ण ने
अनेको बार राधा के साथ सम्भोग
किया था ( ब्रह्मावैवर्त पुराण, कृष्णजन्म
खंड 4,
अध्याय 15) और यहाँ तक विवाह भी कर
लिया था (ब्रह्मावैवर्त पुराण, कृष्णजन्म
खंड 4,
मित्रो मैन ईस पोस्ट मे कुछ भी गलत नही कहा है.. सारी बाते भविष्य पुरानों के अनुसार प्रमाणीत है.. गलीया गलोच और भगवानो की वकालत करने से पेहले भविष्य पुरानों मे ईसकी जांच करे धन्यवाद..