Unscientific Claims from Hindu Scriptures

Unscientific Claims from Hindu Scriptures.


Brahmins always have a tendency to claim everything in the name of SCIENCE. But the Scientists, Doctors and Specialists claim otherwise. First of all any man with common sense won’t agree to the claims originated by these BRAHMINS. Here are a few examples of Brahmin-originated unscientific claims (and the true knowledge of “the gods”):

1 – Earth is Flat

NARASINGA PURANA – Page 169 – Abithana Sinthamani – says that the earth is flat. Today it has been proved beyond doubt by the scientists that the earth is round.

2 – Distance Between Earth, Sun & Moon

VISHNU PURANA says that sun is 800,000 miles and moon is 2,200,000 miles away from the earth respectively. Astronomy has now proved that the moon is nearer to the earth, i.e. 240,000 miles and that the sun is 93,000,000 miles away from the earth.

3 – Area of the Earth

MARKANDEYA PURANA says that the earth has an area of 4,000,000,000 square miles. According to astronomy, it is only 190,700,000 square miles.

4 – Vibothi ( Cow Dong Ash)

The Vedas say that the cow is holy and should be worshipped. These Brahmins also claim that cow dung ash has medicinal value. Samples sent to a leading test laboratory in West Germany have proved this to be untrue. Even today ignorant Hindus smear their homes with cow dung.

In India people are dying of hunger. Why are these low caste Hindus prohibited from eating beef? In India cow meat is cheaper than other available meats. Instead of these Brahmins taking care of the low caste peoples of India they are doing their best to save their “holy” cows. According to Valmith’s Ramayana, God Rama “ATE” meat. Why then have these Brahmins given up beef-eating?

5 – Urine Drinking

One erstwhile Prime Minister, Morarji Desai (Brahmin), boasted that he was drinking eight ounces of his own urine daily (pure and fresh!) in the morning in accordance with the Vedas claim that urine has medicinal value. With the same claim today the Brahmins/RSS are drinking cow’s urine as if it is a DAILY TONIC. No scientists have ever claimed that urine has any medicinal value. On the contrary it is well known fact that urine is an unwanted organic substance that the human body needs to discharge. [Editor’s note: This is just plain common sense!!!]

6 – Sun Worship

The Vedas and Puranas say that all Hindus must pray to the sun god SURYA, and that if you look at the sun daily every morning with your naked eyes, your sight will improve. Accordingly many Hindus practise this act of worship; but instead of their eyesight improving, India is the country that has the most blind people in the world (2.5 million blind people and 9 million with corneal blindness).

There is no scientific truth in sun worship, and on the contrary the scientist and doctors advise everyone not to look at the sun directly with the naked eye. Who is telling us the truth, the Scientists or the Hindu scriptures? You be the judge! The credit of India’s blindness also goes to Hinduism.

7 – Ganga River ( aka Ganga Nadi)

Hindus are dumping half-cremated bodies, and the ashes of these corpses, into River Ganges for their salvation as ordered by the Hindu scriptures. In other words, the Holy Ganges water is a human soup! This has made the Ganges water polluted and a breeding ground for numerous diseases.

Question: Is there anything similar to this water in America?

Answer: Yes there is! It is called raw sewage. And common sense tells one that sewage is not to be swam in, drank, nor utilized in sacred activity.

Still these Brahmins claim the River Ganges a sacred river – saying that nothing can contaminate it. Why then is the Government of India spending millions of rupees to clean up the dirty waters of River Ganges?

8 – Threat to Ecology – Hindu Cremation

AP News (India) dated 10-1 1-86 says: When a Hindu is cremated in India, one or more medium-sized trees are also chopped down to accompany him on the funeral pyre. Ecologists warn that forest loss seriously threatens the environment and that we have already lost 32 % of the Indian forest. Daily in India, Hindus are dying and taking with them trees. A staggering 6.43 million kilograms of timber goes up in flames each day. The annual loss is 2.35 million tons. How much pollution does a body create when it is burnt with wood? (Not only that, imagine the foul smell it causes in the atmosphere.)

“The most absurd stories of their gods are readily believed… This hurrying from one means of salvation to another can be accounted for partly by the fear that though an act of merit may have satisfied the claims of one deity, others who have not been pacified may wreck their vengeance upon them.

Interested and unscrupulous priests make capital out of the gross ignorance and credulity of the people…. Shrine after shrine is visited and word after word is done; and yet the fear remains that some deity has been neglected who at any moment may demand his rights, or punish for neglect….. There are so many deities, and are so different in character, that almost any habit can be different in, almost any vice committed, under the impression that it is pleasing to one or another.” (W.J. Wilkins Modern Hinduism)

15 thoughts on “Unscientific Claims from Hindu Scriptures

    • mr Syyed look atleast we have a way of life which we r living for thousands of year and we r quiet satisfied with that and u people can only criticise others and according to your way of living only praying to ullah and killing all non islamic people is your moto and which has resulted in the increase of terrorism in the whole world .and there are many countries which r totally islamic and u can see there condition .ex pakis,afgan ,iran,iraqetc

  1. OK if you don’t like its fine ,but who you are the big bastard & which part of world u are marron MULLA ,please clean your home first & do some good social work thats enough in the life given by god,don’t try to be over smart,asshole.

  2. Tuu ne kya kia re c****ya ,only writing hatered about hinduisum & india ,tu tera pata de tera ghar pe ake milat hu,dekhenge tere kuran ka tu follow karta hai kya? aajatai hai bade shaane

      • well i can mr Qadri- see your so called religion of peace has a very good reputation of killing people through out the world ,not only that your fore fathers were born out of rape done on helpless hindu womens and now u support that religion which openly tells u to kill people who do not follow islam .and which is written in your holy book .and after this point there is no point to argue.

    • why you have a tendency to assume that the writer is a muslim? please check the comment above yours and also below yours(my comment 2 years ago)

    • why you have a tendency to assume that the writer is a muslim?
      please check the comment above yours and also below yours (my comment 2 years ago)
      ..after you check, you may have understood that the owner is not a muslim, please do try to understand the fact that you should not show hatred for other relegions..no doubt there are so called muslims and hindus which are dark jet black spots on our relegions but why should we spoil our toungue just to abuse somebodys relegion. you maybe angry with the above post, but that should not affect your relegious sentiments, because you know what your relegion is. when people abuse my relegion claiming that muslims are terrorists ..without even knowing or trying to know that the relegion does not say so …i should not get angry since i know my relegion.
      shiv ke lode ko puja jata hai i have also heard it every where …on seeing i’ll also belive it . but if you see it, since you know the truth , you dont need to justify somebody what your relegion is

  3. STUPID,
    ved Ne Kabhi Sun worship Nahi Karne ko Kaha Hain.
    Ved Ne Natural Thing Jaise Sun,Moon,Mountain,Table aur chair Jaise cheezo Ko Worship Karne Se Roka Hain

      • so can u teach me one thing that why muslim peoples are most illiterate when there are good education facilities are available but they still reads there holy books and becomes terrorists and who had attacked america,india. can u explain me that FALSE American.

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