Lord Krishna a Adultery God

A brief description about Krishna from Veda & Puranas

Lord krishna was very fond of looking at naked young girls. Once upon a time Krishna, in order to get a full view of some bathing virgin girls, went to the extent of hiding their clothes on the tree top just to get a panoramic view. Does he have divine immunity from looking at naked women?
The Gita, a Holy book of the Hindus, quotes that when these bathing low caste girls begged for the return of their clothes, Lord Krishna demanded that they come out of the water with their hands raised instead of covering their bodies.

Oh my innocent Hindu brethren! Can this action be attributed to god? Is this God capable of indulging in such ungodly acts? Will Hindu mothers tolerate their son imitating god Krishna??

We have been venerating krishna as our god. But with his actions he looks more of a womanizer than godly.
gopis: cow-herd girls; milk-maids; village girls; or better known as Lord Krsna’s girlfriends.

“In the first month of winter, the gopis of Nanda’s village performed a certain vow to the goddess Katyayani (Durga). They ate rice cooked with ghee; they bathed in the water of the Kalindi (Yamuna) River at sunrise; they made an image of the goddess out of sand and worshipped it with fragrant perfumes and garlands, with offerings and incense and lamps, and with bouquets of flowers, fresh sprigs of leaves, fruits, and rice. And they prayed: ‘Goddess Katyayani (Durga), great mistress of yoga, empress of great deluding magic, make the son of the cow-herd Nanda my husband. I bow to you.’ Saying this prayer, the girls would worship her, and having set their hearts on Krsna, the girls performed this vow for a month; they worshipped Bhadrakali (Durga) so that the son of Nanda (Krsna) would be their husband. Arising at dawn, calling one another by name, they would join hands and go to bathe in the Kalindi (Yamuna) every day, singing loudly about Krsna as they went. One day, when they had gone to the river and taken off their clothes on the bank as usual, they were playing joyfully in the water, singing about Krsna. The Lord Krsna, lord of all the masters of yoga, came there with his friends of the same age in order to grant them the object of their rites. He took their clothes and quickly climbed a Nipa tree, and laughing with the laughing boys he told what the joke was: ‘Girls, let each one of you come here and take her own clothes as she wishes. I promise you, this is no jest, for you have been exhausted by your vows. I have never before told an untruth, and these boys know this. Slender-waisted ones, come one by one or all together and take your clothes.’ When the gopis saw what his game was, they were overwhelmed with love, but they looked at one another in shame, and they smiled, but they did not come out. Flustered and embarrassed by Govinda’s (Krsna’s) words and by his jest, they sank down up to their necks in the icy water, and, shivering, they said to him, ‘You should not have played such a wicked trick. We know you as our beloved, son of the cow-herd Nanda, the pride of the village. Give us our clothes, for we are trembling. O darkly handsome one, we are your slaves and will do as you command, but you know dharma: give us our clothes or we will tell your father, the chieftain.’ The lord said to them, ‘If you are my slaves and will do as I command, then come here and take back your clothes, O brightly smiling ones.’ Then all the girls, shivering and smarting with cold, came out of the water, covering their crotches with their hands. The lord was pleased and gratified by their chaste actions, and he looked at them and placed their clothes on his shoulder and smiled and said, ‘Since you swam in the water without clothes while you were under a vow, this was an insult to the divinity (to Varuna, God of the waters). Therefore you must fold your hands and place them on your heads and bow low in expiation of your sin, and then you may take your clothes.’ When the village girls (gopis) heard what the infallible one said, they thought that bathing naked had been a violation of their vows, and they bowed down to Krsna, the very embodiment of all their rituals, who had thus fulfilled their desires and wiped out their disgrace and sin. Then the lord, the son of Devaki, gave their clothes to them, for he felt pity when he saw them bowed down in this way and he was satisfied with them. Though they were greatly deceived and robbed of their modesty, though they were mocked and treated like toys and stripped of their clothes, yet they held no grudge against him, for they were happy to be together with their beloved. Rejoicing in the closeness of their lover, they put on their clothes; their bashful glances, in the thrall of their hearts, did not move from him. Knowing that the girls had taken a vow because they desired to touch his feet, the lord with a rope around his waist said to the girls, ‘Good ladies, I know that your desire is to worship me. I rejoice in this vow, which deserves to be fulfilled. The desire of those whose hearts have been placed in me does not give rise to further desire, just as seed corn that has been boiled or fried does not give rise to seed. You have achieved your aim. Now, girls, go back to the village and you will enjoy your nights with me, for it was for this that you fine ladies undertook your vow and worship.’ When the gopis heard this from Krsna, they had obtained what they desired; and, meditating upon his lotus feet, they forced themselves to go away from him to the village.” — Srimad Bhagavatam 10:22:1-28. Compare: Brahmavaivarta Purana 1:27; Brhaddharma Purana 3:17.


Krishna misused his godliness to lure women.
Lord Krsna must be seriously lacking foresight to screw so many gopis, overpopulate the earth & then destroy his own family for weighing down the earth:

“Krsna became a householder (head of a household) in Dvaraka and married many wives, and had many sons and grandsons. In the race of the Yadus, no one was poor; everyone had many children, lived a long life, and respected Brahmins. But they were so numerous that one could not count them even in a hundred years. The terrible demons who had been slain in the battle of the gods and demons were born among men, and so at the command of Visnu the gods became incarnate in the race of Yadus to repress the demons…. When Krsna had killed the demons, and thus relieved the burden of the earth, he thought, ‘The earth is still overburdened by the unbearably burdensome race of the Yadus. No one else can overcome them, since they are under my protection.’ … Deluded by Krsna’s power of delusion, and cursed by the Brahmins, they were all destroyed, and when his entire family had been destroyed, Krsna said, ‘The burden has been removed.’ ” — Srimad Bhagavatam 10:90:27-44; 11:1:1-4; 11:30:1-25.

The need to exterminate the Yadus precisely because they are born of Krsna’s seed is made explicit in the Linga Purana:

“One of Krsna’s wives asked Krsna to give her a son equal to the lord of the gods. Krsna performed asceticism for Siva, who granted him a son, Samba. Krsna took sixteen thousand maidens for his pleasure, and then, under the pretext of the Brahmins’ curse, he destroyed his own family and lived in Prabhasa. After living for a hundred and one years in Dvaraka, where he had removed the sorrow of old age, he made the curse of the sages come true.” — Linga Purana 1:69:71, 82-84.

There is a common misconception among some Hindus that Lord Krsna had only one consort/wife, Radha, and these 16,000 gopis were just spiritual followers of this God. That is totally false. In fact, Lord Krsna got so many gopis & wives pregnant that he populated much of the earth with Yadus (Yadavas) and had to annihilate them later.



Samba’s mischief and that of the women combine here in one neat episode: he misbehaves with them. Thus the destruction of the race of the Yadus (Yadavas) is blamed on Krsna’s wives, on Krsna’s son, and on the rage of Krsna himself:

“One day Narada came to Dvaraka to see Krsna. All the Yadu boys received him with respect, but Samba, proud of his young beauty and deluded by the fated, inevitable force of the curse, disregarded Narada. To teach Samba a lesson, Narada told Krsna that all of Krsna’s sixteen thousand wives were in love with Samba. Samba (Krsna’s son) was summoned, and the women, whose minds were blurred by wine, showed unmistakable signs of passion when Samba appeared. Furious, Krsna cursed them to be carried off by barbarians after his death, and he cursed Samba to be afflicted with leprosy. Therefore the women were carried away under the very eyes of Arjuna. Later, Samba remembered what had happened before, and as he was impelled by inevitable fate, he enraged the sage Durvasas and prompted the curse that destroyed his whole family.” —

Samba Purana 3:6-55; Bhavisya Purana 1:72-73.

10 thoughts on “Lord Krishna a Adultery God

  1. aapse yahi ummed thi…pata kuch hota nhi h….bolna zarur h…aranya kand padh liya na poora…mila pornography ka proof…..

  2. Ye Sale sb k sb Un Gopiyo ki Najayaz auladein hai itn ganda aur behuda dharm shayad koi nai hai inke har festival me nuksan aur mout hai in madarchodo k itne festival hai k aj desh tarakki nai kar pa raha
    Admin ap bht acha kam kar rahe ho keep it up

  3. Tomar and all other plz don’t fight and abuse its all fake stories first of all I would like to tell u that there are18 puranas in Hinduism each representing it’s own diety as supreme and nearly all of them contradicts each other some say lord and some say Vishnu is supreme hod actually these according to history and religeonist were made by priest of that era to make people believe in and to be rich and powerful all this was a consequence of ancient politics puranas are not basis of Hinduism they are just made by priest class actually as if u read them u will find it very logicless Vedas and bhagwat gita are the only pure up to much extent and a trusted resource to known the religion but still they are not fully correct as according to surveys Vedas were curropted by mughals in their era to stop the religion and to spread Islam plz don’t trust puranas they are man made go through personal testification instead of blind belief and u will know the truth

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