Hare Rama – Hare Krishna Movement (aka All Drugs taker united)

Hare Rama – Hare Krishna Movement

This group is now attracting hundreds of drug addicts in the U.S. and THE WEST. Like the Hindu Saints (Sanyasis) of Kashi (Varnasi) they smoke and take drugs in all sorts of different forms.

A UNI press report (15-8-1987) said, under the heading of “SECT CHIEF IS CONVICTED KILLER”. – that the Hare Krishna’s chief is a convicted killer and drug dealer. The swami, 38 year old Thomas Drescher, is imprisoned at the West Virginia state penitentiary for gunning down Steven Bryant, 33, in Los Angeles. Drescher was also convicted in 1979 for manufacturing and distributing drugs and was found guilty in January 1983 of slaying a Krishna devotee. Finally the report concludes that since 1977, seven of the original I I gurus named by the HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA movements founder have been removed for reasons ranging from CHILD abuse, DRUG dealing and SEXUAL promiscuity.

O Ramacandra, these scriptural injunctions were laid down by learned men, skilled in inducing others to give, and finding other means of obtaining wealth, thus subjugating the simple-minded. Their doctrine is ‘Sacrifice, give in charity, conse- crate yourselves, undergo austerities, and become ascetics’. 0 Rama, be wise, there exists no world but this, that is certain! Enjoy that which is present and cast behind thee that which is unpleasant! Adopting the principle acceptable to all, do thou receive the kingdom offered thee by Bharat (Ramayana, Ayodhya Kanda, 108).

3 thoughts on “Hare Rama – Hare Krishna Movement (aka All Drugs taker united)

  1. this is 100% true i have seen many drug traffickers and many drugs takers are involved in such nonsense movements, on each puff they say hare krishna hare raam what the fuck is mean of it?

  2. Your rants on this blog suggests you are a muslim and as most muslims ignorant and quite filled with skewed beliefs about Hinduism. I can show how your beliefs on most are wrong placed. But let me first clarify that unlike other religions Hinduism is not a definite religion. It is a term defined to inhabitants of Indian subcontinent and the beliefs and customs and knowledge common to this region. Hindu come from river Sindhu. Over a period of time various scriptures were either orally memorized and written and passed on through generations. Similarly various wisdon were passed through mythological tales. The Hindu knows that the creator is one and all are his manifestations. The Hindu , through his life strives to understand the One. The stories of Rama, Krishna, etc are all tales that teach somethings about life , either good or bad aspects. The gist what you take away from these stories depend on your own nature. There are many deities in Hinduism but one God. It is like the person exploring an elephant whose different aspects may look different to a blind but to the one with complete knowledge he would see that the different parts belong to the one and only GOD. As far as rituals are concerned, Hindus know that rituals are a means coined by humans to realise God. A dowry has nothing to do with God or Hinduism per say. It is a tradition which is ill practice nowadays. Each Hindu condemns this. Quite unlike Muslims who do now see the different in their religion and a practice which has been wrong.

    I would urge you to do some sound reading like the works of Swami Vivekanand before you write anything.

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