Brahmins & Devdasi (aka Hindu Prostitute)

Brahmins – Meet or Beef Eaters
According to the Ramayana, the Aryans (Brahmins) used to drink liquor (nine different kinds), eat beef, marry many wives and prostitution was an accepted way of life amongst the priests and gods.

“Sura” means alcoholic drink. All the Aryan gods drink “sura” and hence they are called suras as against a suras wo don’t drink. Ravana was an asura. Periyar E.V.Ramaswamy, a great Hindu leader of Tamil Nadu, was a worshipper of Ravan because Ravana was a Dravidian.

Ramanaya also recounts the story of king Dasaratha who, in order to have a baby son, made a big sacrifice (yagam) of sheep, cattle, horses, birds and snakes. He then delivered his three wives Kaushaliya, Sumatirai and Kaikeyi to three priests. These holy men, having fully satisfied their carnal desire, returned the ladies to the king. By this means, the king was able to have three sons-Ram, Lakshman and Bharat (Bala Kandam, Chapter 14. For more details on yagam, refer to the book “Gnana Surian”, published by the kudi Arasu Press.)

Does it mean Rama was born to a Brahmin?

The Ramayana tells us much about the unlawful relationship of incest but we do not feel it appropriate or decent for ut to go in details (Please refer to Aranya Kandam, chapter 45 verses 122, 123, 124, & 125).

The following Aryan practices will reveal how immorality and indecency are sanctified in the name of Hinduism.

Lingam & Yoni
Lingam and Yoni in Sanskrit means the male and female sexual organs respectively. Hindus are allowed to worship anything – including sexual organs. It is not unknown for them to name their children as Shiva Lingam (God Shiva’s sexual organ) or Rama Lingam (God Rama’s sexual organ), (in some places in Karnataka, the gods demand both male and females to pray naked together).

Devdasi (Religious Prostitute)
The Devadasi system was set up, according to a Times of India report (10-11-87), as a result of conspiracy between the feudal class and the priests (Brahmins). The latter, with their ideological and religious hold over the peasants and craftsmen, devised a means that gave prostitution their religious sanction. Poor low-caste Hindu girls, initially sold at private auctions, were later “dedicated” to the temples. They were then initiated in to prostitution Even to this day this religious prostitution blessed by Hindu religion is still alive in Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Bharat Natyam & Brahmins
The Bharat Natyam is a dance performance which, because of the Brahmin media, has gained much recognition as a form of art. The celebrated Bharat Natya expert, Rukmini Devi, admits in National Geographic video program, that the Barahta Natayam was really the art of Devadasis (temple prostitutes) to please their audience and admirers. This is the reason why you might have seen various Baratha Natyam postures in Hindu temples. May be like the art of KARATE of the Japanese, the BHARAT NATYAM is a national art to the Brahmins and very much part of their culture.

Kaam Sutra (aka Hindu Sex Granth)
Brahmins has also created Kamasutra – a set of instructions on how to have sexual intercourse. Some of the postures detailed in Kamasutra are so complex that they can only be performed with the help of one or more ASSISTANTS!
Some Hindu temples have stone carvings of Kamasutra sexual poses and Hindus worship them.

Devdasi System Thrives
TIMES OF INDIA – 10th Nov 1987: confirms that the practice of dedication young Harijan (Hindu) girls (Mahars, Mangs, Dowris and Chambhar) at childhood to a goddess, and their initiation into prostitution when they attain puberty continues to thrive in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of South India. This is largely due to social backwardness, poverty and illiteracy, according to a study by two doctors of the India Health Organization.

The report clearly indicates that the Devadasi system was the result of a conspiracy between the feudal class and the priests (Brahmins) who with their ideological and religious hold over the peasants and craftsmen, devised a practice which acquired religious sanctions. They noted in their study on – “Devadasis” – “the link between religious culture and child prostitution”.

The study revealed that girls from poor Hindu families were sold after puberty at private auctions to a master who initially paid a sum of money to the families ranging from 500 to Rs. 5,000.

The study, made during health camps organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Devadasi populated areas, revealed that the dedicated girls formed 15 percent of the total women involved in prostitution in the country, and as much as 70 percent of the prostitutes in the border districts of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

7 thoughts on “Brahmins & Devdasi (aka Hindu Prostitute)

  1. aryans ne sanskritI ki Maa bhen kar di ye choudu………………..Sare india mein ghusad aye……MAAI chudawani k brahmins maha madarchoud hoty hai…….

    • Teri ma ka bhosda singh ; brahmins are the first class ….teri ma ko nolna maine use bataya tha…akhir tu bhi ti mera hi khoon he…teri ma ko pata he!!….or teri bahen ko bhi ab tak pata chl gya joga

  2. आप सबने DD1 पर किसी समय BR Chopra का महाभारत सीरीयल देखा होगा ।

    जिसमें अर्जुण का किरदार फिरोज़ खान, कुंती का किरदार नाज़नीन खान, भीष्म का किरदार मुकेश खन्ना, भीम का किरदार प्रवीण कुमार, कर्ण का किरदार पंकज धीर, कृष्ण का किरदार नितिश भारद्वाज ने निभाया था आदि ।

    तो इस महाभारत सीरीयल में केवल भीष्म के अभिनय मात्र से ही मुकेश खन्ना जी में इतना स्वाभिमान आया कि उन्होंने आजीवन ब्रह्मचारी रहने का संकल्प लिया है और वो हर बात में स्वाभिमान का ध्यान रखते हैं । तो महाभारत की समाप्ती के बाद उन्होंने फिल्मों में भी स्वाभिमानी क्षत्रीय राजपूत का ही अभिनय किया है ।

    फिरोज़ खान एक मुसलमान हैं जिसने बहुत सी पंजाबी और हिंदी फिल्मों में खल्नायक की भूमिका निभाई है । वो भी अर्जुण के किरदार से ऐसा प्रभावित हुए कि उन्होंने ईस्लाम छोड़ कर वैदिक धर्मी बनना स्विकार किया और अपना वास्तविक नाम भी अर्जुण ही रख लिया ।

    नाज़नीन खान एक मुस्लिम अभिनेत्री हैं जिन्होंने केवल ये महाभारत सीरीयल ही किया इससे उनके मन में ईस्लाम के स्थान पर आर्यों का वो स्वाभिमान भर गया जो महाभारत के समय था । और उन्होंने भी ईस्लाम को त्याग करके सनातन धर्म में वापसी की है ।

    तो मित्रों आप समझ सकते हैं कि आर्यों का स्वाभिमान महाभारतकाल तक कितना ऊँचा था ? जिसके केवल अभिनय मात्र से ही इन लोगों को परिवर्तित कर दिया है तो सोचो यदि वही प्राचीन स्वाभिमान पुनः आ जाए तो कितने लोग परिवर्तित हो जायेंगे ? और राष्ट्र में कैसा परिवर्तन आ सकेगा ?

    सीख हम बीते युगों से नए युग का करें स्वागत………..

    • Sir
      With respect to views of all I m of the view that hindu scriptures are not well written and are confused and are not written in logical manner.we say no Castesim in hindu which we follow MAXIMUM.We are suffering from dowry etc having so much good books no readon?
      R sharma

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